Things I miss during Ironman training

Ironman training has brought lots of changes to my lifestyle, most of them positive, while some of them hopefully just temporary! Here is a list of things I miss now that I am training for Ironman:

  • Sleeping in
  • Sleeping in
  • Sleeping in
  • Leisurely time
  • Socializing with non-triathlete friends
  • Just sitting in front of the TV doing nothing
  • Not feeling tired
  • Going away on weekends
  • Alcohol (nowadays more into electrolytes than booze!)
  • Drinking out of glasses instead of sports bottles
  • Wearing casual clothing (it’s either work clothes or athletic clothes these days)
  • Eating out
  • Walking down King St.
  • Having the time and energy to host friends over
  • Traveling
  • Going 24 hrs without showering
  • Staying up past 11pm
  • A clean(er) house
  • Sometimes just eating junk food!



One thought on “Things I miss during Ironman training

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