Recipe for making long training rides enjoyable

This past weekend I went on my first metric century bike ride of Ironman training. As it turns out, I didn’t realize I had reached this milestone until my riding buddies mentioned it. The previous night I made the last minute decision of joining my friends on this ride, so it was their choice of route and distance (I just had to train in the ballpark of 60 miles). I learned that the following are ingredients for a great ride:

  1. The company of friends, and even better, making new friends;
  2. A scenic rural route with limited car traffic to worry about;
  3. A well-deserved post-ride meal with friends and visiting new places.

IMG_3039The ride started from Davidsonville, MD, with route directions courtesy of the Annapolis Bike Club. Navigation was a breeze thanks to my friend’s GPS directions. We quickly found ourselves in quiet and winding country roads, with rolling hills. Halfway through the route, we arrived at Chesapeake Beach, where we stopped to take in the views of the Chesapeake Bay. The second half of the ride seemed a little harder on my body, as I had not pushed myself this far in Ironman bike training yet. We rode about 3h 40mins, but with our occasional stops it was about a 4.5hr ride.

I had planned on going home upon finishing, but instead my friends had the brilliant idea of going to Annapolis for lunch. Given how hungry I was and the great weather, I quickly changed my plans! We had a great recovery meal outdoors by the waterfront, and I found Annapolis to be really beautiful (though I bit touristy). I enjoyed the southern brick architecture, which reminded me of the UNC-Chapel Hill campus. Downtown’s charm, from its boutiques, churches, and cobblestone streets, also made it resemble European settings.

Thanks Adam and Mark for a great ride!



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